Sunnyside | Queens
The Falchi Building

Ownership for The Falchi Building at 31-00 47th Avenue, Long Island City, near 47th Ave and 31st St. completed a $35 million renovation, including exciting new lobby renovations, amenities, upgrades to infrastructure, common corridors, and restrooms. The Falchi Building is a five minute walk from the 33 St. stop on the Number 7 line. This location is an attractive alternative to Brooklyn within the new nucleus of creative and tech innovation outside of Manhattan.

Built in 1922, the Falchi building was originally a warehouse for the famous New York Gimbels department store. Now, the warehouse has a new life, as a community for startups, entrepreneurs, art galleries, and delicious eateries. Its spacious loft style has made it popular with the tech, small manufacturing and jewelry businesses that now inhabit the building’s five stories. Food vendors and an art gallery resides on the bottom floor.

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