Spearheading Change
Through Diverse Platforms

Savanna is committed to leading the charge for change.

Savanna recognizes that the voices of minority communities and women have been unheard for far too long – particularly in the real estate industry. For many of the individuals who fall into these categories, ideas have been either ignored or silenced that had the potential to dramatically impact the New York City landscape. Despite all of the incredible advancements the City has made over the past few decades, it cannot be denied that years or progress have been lost due to these voices not receiving a platform. This is an issue that continues to occur across many real estate firms today, and Savanna is committed to leading the charge for change.

U.S. Underrepresented Minorities (URM)*
2021 Budget Received for Diversity Initiatives
Underrepresented minorities are groups whose representation in tech has been historically low—Black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander.

DEI Initiatives

Savanna is proud of our welcoming and vibrant workplace where everyone can reach their full potential and maximize their contributions. Our team aims to create an environment where everyone can grow, appreciate each other’s differences and perspectives, and consistently learn and evolve. 

Savanna’s DEI Council, which includes employees across various disciplines and levels, meets monthly and guides our DEI strategy, initiatives and policies. These extend to our hiring practices, as well as employee surveys and the formation of new partnerships and organizations outside of Savanna that focus on promoting DEI. 

The Savanna Women’s Initiative (SWI), formally launched in 2021, was created to promote professional development and leadership opportunities for Savanna’s female team members. To this end, the SWI engages all of our employees with a focus on recruiting, retaining and cultivating female talent.